Boh Runga releases special music inspired collection

Boh Runga Stellar Rose collection

Designer Boh Runga wearing jewellery from her Stellar Rose collection. Image supplied.

Today is a pretty special day for musician turned jewellery designer Boh Runga which sees the release of her latest jewellery collection Stellar Rose. But it’s not just the jewellery (more about that in a moment) that is special as tonight is the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards and Boh has designed the Tui Award that gets presented to all the winners. It’s also the 20th anniversary of Boh’s band stellar*’s chart topping album Mix which means some serious inspiration for a gorgeous collection of jewellery.

For Boh, Stellar Rose celebrates a coming of age and is also inspired by the journey that everyone undertakes in their lives through music, art and exploration of the spirit. The starting point for the collection was the asterisk that was a recognisable part of the stellar* design, Boh has evolved the starburst shape into stunning earrings and necklaces that feature 21 stones in a pave setting. The collection itself is a beautiful merging of her love of music and jewellery.

“Music marks the cornerstones that make up your memories of both heartache and joy,” says Boh. “The emotions and feelings that a song can evoke in you can be a shared experience, like looking up at the stars. Chances are that somewhere out there, someone is looking up at those stars too. Much like those celestial lights in the sky, music unites, connects and helps us understand who we are.”

What better day to release Stellar Rose than today when Boh’s Tui design is awarded to New Zealand’s musical stars at the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards tonight. Her Tui design came from the idea of us as a people gathering under the night sky, coming together under our Southern constellations to celebrate our artists’ musical achievements.

“Echoing the way that Maori navigated great oceans and distances by the stars, in their own way our artists have navigated obstacles in their musical path to be recognised and honoured on the most important date in the New Zealand musical calendar. The stars have aligned for them.”

It’s fair to say the stars have aligned perfect for Boh too.

Boh Runga Stellar Rose collection

Boh Runga Stellar Rose collection

Images supplied.

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