Boh Runga releases new geometric jewellery collection

Boh Runga Jewellery Shapes collection

Jewellery from Boh Runga’s new Shapes collection. Image supplied.

Boh Runga recently released an elegant new jewellery collection called Shapes which the designer sees as ‘an opportunity for reflection and stylistic expression’. The collection is inspired by the famous Buddhist monk Sengai Gibon’s painting from the 1800s, with the range celebrating three simplistic forms; the circle, the triangle and the square.

Boh was drawn to the untitled calligraphic painting by Sengai as it allows the viewer to take its own meaning from the work and for the designer that translated into making the mystical into the tangible. She has utilised the bold geometric shapes and crafted them into elegant modern jewellery allow the wearer to create an opportunity for reflection and stylistic expression.

“Because Sengai’s artwork leaves much to the viewer’s imagination and interpretation, I like to think of how the images represent the transition that all of us are going through in our lives,” adds Boh. “You are never really in a static place, you are always moving forward from one state to another. Your life is a fluid journey, not just a physical one, but one of your mind and spirit too.”

Her own creative journey through music into jewellery design and soon into handbags and other accessories has been fluid and ever evolving which makes this collection even more fitting. Each shape in the range also holds a unique meaning that resonates as powerfully now as at the time of Gibon’s painting over 200 years ago.

The Circle represents the formlessness of the infinite.

The Triangle is the beginning of all forms that the inquiring human mind with all its senses and ability to reason demands.

And The Square is the Triangle doubled, this doubling continuing infinitely, the vastness of all things.

Boh Runga’s Shapes collection features single pendants, studs and Shoops (shaped hoops), as well as a trio pendant and bracelet, with each piece available in sterling silver and gold. It’s available now at Boh Runga Jewellery stockists and online with prices ranging from $89 – $499.

Boh Runga Jewellery Shapes collection

Image supplied.

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