Boh Runga Jewellery's Midas Touch

Boh Runga’s dream to create a gold collection for New Zealand Mint Jewellery has come true with the launch of Solid Gold Hits.


The five-piece pendant collection includes much-loved and treasured designs from Boh’s most popular ranges for New Zealand Mint Jewellery. Each of the chosen styles has been delicately re-created in petite nine carat gold form.

Gold is a personal favourite of Boh’s and she has long had a desire to create something unique for loyal fans who love her previous designs.


“It seemed like every other day I was being asked if I could add gold to my collection,” says Boh. “Solid Gold Hits is the perfect way to meet this need.”

The collection includes the following styles: Duo Miromiro Feather for Messenger, Fantail for Birdlands, Lotus for Lotus and the Snowbird, Feather Kisses for Feather Kisses and Arrow for Weapons of Mass Devotion.

Solid Gold Hits is a testament to the iconic and popular designs Boh has created over the past five years and New Zealand Mint is delighted to announce the collection is available from selected stockists now, just in time for Christmas,” says jewellery manager Rachel Warren.


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