Best lockdown beauty and wellness advice

DIY hand treatments

We’ve got some great tips and advice on doing beauty and wellness treatments at home. Image via Adobe Stock.

When we first went into lockdown in March 2020 it was definitely an unknown as to how things would go and what we would want to do at home. While we can’t visit the salon or our usual practitioners while we’re at home there are a range of things we can either make or do at home to look after our skin and ourselves.

Over the past 18 months we’ve created many stories on what you can do at home and we wanted to put all of the best advice in one place for you. A huge thank you to our beauty and wellness editor Nina Franklin who created these stories while being a busy working mum.

We hope you find these lockdown beauty and wellness stories useful:

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How to maintain your eyelash extensions at home
How to look after your skin health at home
10 beauty treatments and activities you can do at home
Soothing sleep tips, tricks and products

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Easy to achieve hairstyles for Zoom meetings

Upgrade your beauty skills with these fun tutorials


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