Best in show – our Fashion Week picks

One of the great things about a team is that everyone sees through different eyes. FashioNZ's Fashion Week super-team share their personal highlights of a wonderful week…

Julie Roulston, Editor

Best fashion: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Best show: tie between Alexandra Owen (small but PERFECTLY formed) and Kate Sylvester. Special mention to Cybele – I thought
her show was magnificent.
Best music: Salasai
Best makeup: my touchup in the M.A.C./ghd lounge – a lifesaver! I get too absorbed in the clothes at the shows to really take
in the hair and makeup. Lord knows they are an important element and thankfully I have specialist colleagues for that.
Best goodie bag: a tie between Salasai (amazing Popplewell-designed teatowel) and M.A.C/ghd – Juliette Hogan A/W '10 scarf.
Best party: tie between opening party (much Moet!) and Trelise Cooper Kids show which was like the giantest best kids' party you
have ever been to (I had Party Diarist Lucie Marquis to go to the late night cool kid parties – see her picks below).
Best hospitality: Air NZ Lounge
Best Fashion Weeker: Trelise Cooper – as Marian Simms tweated – launched a fragrance, staged three shows and built a house.
Best International VIP: Rumi Neely from Fashiontoast, guest of, and her charming partner Colin (was blown away
by Denise Keller's warmth and charm, too).

Janelle Rennie – reviewer

Best fashion: Salasai; loved the monochrome looks, was styled so well
Best show: Federation – loved the use of the paint on the set, tied everything together: music, clothes, models, set.
Best music: twentysevennames/Juliette Hogan
Best hair: Sera Lilly
Best makeup: Basquesse. The Body Shop did an amazing job creating the animal detailing around models eyes
Best goodie bag: Trelise Cooper
Best hospitality: Federation: Drinks and food were waiting on our seats for us!
Best International VIP: no question here…Pammy took the cake, lack of clothing and all… great for creating hype around Fashion Week.

Jet'aime Hayr – editor and

Best fashion: for me, Kate Sylvester… I wanted every single garment in the collection. Beautiful, understated detail combined with edgy style, the perfect fashion marriage in my humble opinion.
Best show: again, it probably has to be Kate Sylvester. I adored the grungy warehouse setting glitzed up with chandaliers. The show started with text typing up on a back screen, which I could not quite read, but was pleased that a girl near me was reading
it aloud. The models walked in a loop so that each side of the large room could see the clothes in up close detail; this was
awesome for taking it all in! Oh and there was free champagne, which frankly, by 9pm when the show started I felt I had earned.
Best music: twentysevennames perked me up with Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre, but it has to be Serena Fagence with a live catwalk
performance from the uber cool electro cutie Bionic Pixie. I adore her and could not sit still!
Best model: Nicky Watson for A*Muse by Richie Rich. It was nice to see New Zealand’s version of Pammy out and about, she did a great job and well, I don’t know if she has been training or not, but let’s just say, if she has a personal trainer I want the phone number! Those legs…
Best hair and Best makeup: Juliette Hogan. LOVED the tousled high bun and the flick of jet eyeliner against an otherwise quite nude face. Modern, elegant and totally wearable.
Best goodie bag: M.A.C. The lovely team at M.A.C had a wonderful goodie bag in the VIP lockers this year. I even had a play with the black lipstick and am totally sold on the grey and blue eyeshadow quad and the gorgeous midnight blue eye shade stick. Fabulous. The Jo Malone fragrance was another special treat too.
Best Fashion Weeker: Petra Bagust. She always looks fabulous, has incredible hair and her face is never without a smile. Smiles never go out of fashion and many front row Fashion Weekers ought to remember that. Petra is gorge!
Best International VIP: Kellie Alderman, Beauty Bible got to catch up with her to find out her beauty tips and she is charming and down to earth.

Gracie Stewart – content manager

Best fashion: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Best show: Sera Lilly
Best music: In the M.A.C. and ghd VIP room
Best model: Zippora Seven, that girl is stunning.
Best hair: twentysevennames and Juliette Hogan, loving the super-high bun.
Best makeup: Cybele, not a try at home look but it made a change from all the black lipstick.
Best goodie bag: Trelise Cooper
Best Fashion Weeker: Katy Thomas from The Erin Simpson Show
Best international VIP: Pammy of course – LOVE!

Lucie Marquis – Party Diarist

Best show: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Best model: Zippy Seven
Best hair: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Best goodie bag: Stolen Girlfriends Club
Best party: Huffer
Best hospitality: Huffer

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