Behind the Scenes at Meadowlark

We got a chance to check out what happens behind the scenes in the Meadowlark jewellery workshop and we thought it just too cool, not to share.

Emerging from the dull glitter and creative dreaming of the workshop, handcrafted and refined from tools both time-honoured and cutting-edge, each piece of Meadowlark jewellery is a totem to be cherished.

Sculpted with care from the purest of solid gold and sterling silver and skilfully set with precious stones, Meadowlark is utterly bewitching and the paragon of modern luxe.

Graphic yet refined, elemental yet evocative, sometimes whimsical but always with bite, Meadowlark jewellery transcends capricious fashions but remains eternally covetable.


Check it out:


Meadowlark Jewellery – Behind The Scenes from meadowlark jewellery on Vimeo.

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