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Beauty must haves July 2017

My must-have beauty products. Image writer’s own.

This beauty writer is not going to deny her tendency to flit in and out of using products. You know something’s standing the test of time when it is repurchased and newer, flashier items are shoved aside or it just becomes instinctual to use it. We all have our beauty must-haves, the items we cannot live without and love in all their well performing glory and these are mine. Admittedly this is a heavily streamlined list but we’d be here until Christmas if I included everything.

Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder, $59
Believe it or not, this nearly made the ‘get rid’ pile when a rather intense cull happened a couple of weeks ago. It was only upon re-examining that it became clear to me again why I love it so much. It’s no secret that Hourglass’s powders are among my favourites without question but this highlighter, in the shade Brilliant Strobe Light is just exquisite. Subtle, infusing your cheeks with the softly lit from within glow, rather than the intensive strobing look we’ve seen in many an editorial over the past year. To apply a subtle shimmer, we recommend using a duo-fibre fan brush.

Jo Malone London Peony and Blush Suede, $116
You’d be hard pressed to find somebody who does not like at least one of Jo Malone’s luxury colognes. This one is my go-to. I even have a handbag sized vial on me at all times. It’s floral in a way that isn’t overpowering. It smells equally as divine in candle form too. Actually I’d bathe in this fragrance if I could.

Benefit Roller Lash, $22-45
I’m not usually hugely fond of plastic bristled mascara wands but Benefit’s innovative, curved, hook style wand has me well… hooked. It lengthens and curls like nothing else plus it leaves your lashes looking amazing.

MAC Paint Pot, $48
MAC’s paint pots have long been a staple in my makeup collection. In an array of colours and finishes, they can be worn on their own or underneath pigments. They can even be used to prime the eyelids and increase the longevity of whichever eye product you pair them with. I love the shades Constructivist, Painterly and Groundwork but you’re bound to find something you love.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, $75
This palette is still relatively new to me but I use it virtually every time I apply makeup. It’s certainly the palette that has won the beauty loving world over and that is largely due to the versatility of the colours. They’re so complementary and are a lot more flattering to wear than you’d think. Don’t be put off by the burnt oranges and cranberry reds. They’re equally as lovely as the softer, champagne hues. This is one of the few palettes where I genuinely use and love every single shade. It’s a well-rounded one, that’s for sure.

Sophie Putze also writes at Nana Wintour.

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