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Kiri Organics was launched in March this year with the release of Natural Dark Tan and an Exfoliating Mitt. Following the success of Natural Dark Tan, Gradual Tan, Kiri Organics’ third product, has now been released in time for the spring/summer tan rush.

“Our products stand for themselves as exceptional products with beautiful results – with the added benefit of being made in New Zealand with 100% natural and 74% certified organic ingredients,” said Sarah.

Natural Dark Tan and Gradual Tan are beautiful, moisturising, tanning lotions. Both products blend moisturising avocado and macadamia nut oils, NZ native kawakawa extract, soothing elderflower, nourishing chamomile and Vitamin E in an antioxidant-rich certified organic raspberry water base. Pine bark extract provides the natural tone. Certified organic geranium oil provides a fresh, natural aroma.

Both products have been approved by BioGro NZ as containing 74% certified organic ingredients, under BioGro NZ’s Organic Health and Body Standards – one of the highest standards for organic certifications in the world.

Kiri Organics was developed by New Zealand siblings Sarah McKim and Craig Blunt. “Our aim is to create, and make in New Zealand, a range of high quality products containing only natural and certified organic ingredients – which are healthier and safer alternatives to what is commonly used in beauty and body care products,” said Craig Blunt, Director, Kiri Organics.

New Zealanders are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that as much as 60% of what is put on the skin is being absorbed into the body. Kiri Organics’ products do not contain parabens or SLS’s, nor any artificial or synthetic ingredients such as colours, preservatives and fragrances.

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