Beauty Look: Kate Sylvester at RAFW 2011

“The eye was actually Kate’s reference of moths’ wings.  A very intensely winged, kind of worn-down black, a little bit broken, a biker version of Bardot with a slightly punkier shape.

I’m liking tougher takes on classic beauty where the eyes are a little but square or a little bit more punk – it’s a little bit more urban.  That’s real girls these days, they break their hair up, they smudge their eyeliner, they like creases on their eyelids; it’s the whole culture of very worn beauty – worn and broken – a lot of girls don’t like their makeup looking perfect ‘cause they don’t find that sexy. 

I’m going to flesh their lip ‘cause I kinda the idea of it looking quite monochromatic so I’m going to use the Lip Erase product from M.A.C. Pro to take the lips to the colour of the skin so it’s got this gorgeous modern monochromatic thing where all you see is just eye – a strip of eye.”

Director of makeup at Kate Sylvester Terry Barber (M.A.C. Director of Makeup Artistry)

Words and image c/o Julie Roulston using a Samsung SH100. 

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