Beauty is ageless so love the skin you’re in

Adashiko collagen supplement

Incorporating Adashiko Collagen into your daily healthcare routine can improve your overall health. Image supplied.

It’s nothing new to be bombarded with beauty products and treatments promising to instil the fountain of youth back into your skin. Anti-aging products are being marketed left, right and centre with the undertone that growing older is bad. Obviously, there is no real way to completely stop aging but you better believe that there is a product on the market to target every specific need to reverse the effects of ageing. Well, we here at FashioNZ think that you should love the skin that you’re in because every line, crease or spot shows a life well-lived and we want to celebrate that.

That being said, we do understand that growing older does bring along some changes. Generally around the age of 50 or even before you may start to notice some natural changes in your body. You may start to notice some visual aging, caused by fat and muscle loss and the loss of collagen and elastin, which are the fibres that make up the supporting structure of the skin, keeping the skin tight and plump. You might also start to notice things like wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging in the skin as well as physical changes such as more aches and pains. This is due to the decrease in connective tissue and muscle mass. Your metabolism also tends to slow down which can cause weight gain and hormonal functions can also cause certain changes in the body.

But it’s not all bad…

Although we celebrate the right to let your body age naturally and to love the skin you’re in, we also celebrate looking after our bodies. So before you reach for your next bottle of “anti-aging” cream or book yourself in for a procedure, you might want to explore the option of a collagen supplement. I’m sure you’ve heard about these collagen supplements and wondered if they really do work, and the answer, in short, is yes, they do. But you need to first understand how they work and you need to understand that not all collagen supplements are made equal, therefore, it is not a “one size fits all” situation. Incorporating a collagen supplement into your daily healthcare routine can drastically improve your overall health and here is why.

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in the body. Collagen consists of amino acids and it is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as skin, tendons and ligaments. Therefore, Collagen supplements are generally marketed to help with skin elasticity, supporting joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage for greater mobility and flexibility and increase lubrication to all movable parts in the body.

Adashiko collagen supplement

Adashiko’s Collagen Gel Masques.

Some collagen supplements are better than others and we’ve discovered one that rules them all. Adashiko is a pure peptide collagen, it is produced in Japan and is manufactured to the highest international standards. Adashiko was created by Japanese cosmetics developer, Yuko Arquette. Essentially, Yuko saw a niche in the market and decided to work with a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company to develop her products and that’s how Adashiko was born. Yuko then brought Adashiko to New Zealand where Luci Firth, Adashiko’s managing director joined forces with her and Adashiko now remains a privately owned and operated New Zealand business by a full force of amazing women from the sunny Hawkes Bay.

What makes Adashiko different from the rest and not just another fad product that promises more than it can deliver are a few things such as the Dalton size. The Dalton size is the molecular weight and Adashiko has a Dalton size of 3000 which is significantly low compared to others on the market, which can be up to 45,000. Because of the low dalton size, the powder is very fine, therefore the collagen is able to be absorbed much better into the bloodstream. From there it is carried into the cells of the body and it will go where it is needed first. For example, you may have an injury, gut issues or joint pain, the collagen will move to the part of the body that needs it the most to help your body heal naturally.

Adashiko also contains three types of collagen which all target different areas. Type one will generally improve skin elasticity, it may also help your skin and nails grow longer and stronger. Type two should help to support joint health, helping to aid the connective tissues that protect your bones at the joints. Type three is great for gut healing. This type can be found in your uterus, muscles, intestines and blood vessels. A lot of other collagen products on the market will only contain type one collagen as they are marine-based. So the collagen will only work for the outer layers of the body such as skin, hair and nails, instead of giving you a full-body supplement like Adashiko collagen.

Another thing to watch out for with marine-based collagen, which has a fishy smell so can be hard to stomach is also possible levels of mercury. Marine collagen also goes gluggy when mixed and degrades in the heat. Adashiko is odourless, tasteless and maintains in heat so you can pop it into your morning coffee or into your bottle of water to sip throughout the day.

With all that being said, it is important to understand and accept that ageing is a natural part of life. Loving your body and the skin you’re in is the best thing you can do for yourself and your health. So instead of looking for the fountain of youth in the bottom of a bottle, incorporate Adashiko into your daily routine as well as a balanced diet, water intake and exercise for a healthier approach to looking after your body.

This story is brought to you in partnership with Adashiko.

Images supplied.

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