Beauty from the inside out

A top skincare scientist once told me that the secret to beautiful skin is not expensive lotions and potions – sure, they help, but the bottom line is that beautiful skin starts from within – all you need to do is head straight to the fresh produce aisle at the supermarket or make the local fruit and veggie corner store your new best friend.

Now I’m not saying that creams, exfoliators and serums are a total waste of time – they are far from it – but eating the right skincare super foods, combined with an excellent skincare routine can reap results you thought you could only dream of.

Skincare super foods to add to your diet in the lead up to summer:


High in vitamin C, strawberries are great for your skin so eat up!

The real benefit though, comes from using them ON your skin! Strawberries are high in salicylic acid – an ingredient used in many good quality skincare products that helps to gently exfoliate the skin.

Just cut one in half, rub it all over the face, leave for 10 minutes and wash off!


These bad boys seem to be the fashionable fruit at the moment – but they really are chocker full of vitamins and nutrients, including polyphenols, a very potent type of antioxidant which is known to diminish cellulite and boost collagen. Drink the juice, eat them raw – or order a pomegranate martini (that way you are offsetting the bad with the good. Kind of.)


Full of fatty acids (the good kind of fat), and vitamin E, nuts help to prevent dryness in the skin, and are great for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.


These little wrinkle fighting balls of fun are just so good for you! They are packed with antioxidants and prevent cell-structure damage that can lead to wrinkles and loss of skin tone – which is an especially good thing during summer when we may be catching a few more rays than we normally would.

Lean meat, oysters and poultry

Lean meat, oysters and poultry contain zinc which is great for the skin's condition. It is especially important if you have acne because it tames oil production. If you don’t eat meat, or simply need an extra boost, zinc supplements are available at heath stores.


Eggs contain vitamin A – which helps to produce new skin cells. If your system is lacking in vitamin A then your skin will appear dull which is the last thing you need!


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