Beauty from Sydney!

This year’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week backstage beauty shots are so amazing, they have to be shared. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and check out the best of the week.


Sara Phillips

An excellent example of the extreme hotness that can be created using a highlighter on the body – look at the skin on these girls! Don’t rush out and buy anthing. Mix a shimmer or highlighting powder in with your body moisturiser and apply to the bones on your decolletage, shoulders and down the centre front of the legs.




Romance Was Born

Who better to execute the amazing, work-of-art makeup for Romance Was Born than M.A.C – intricate, complicated and literally hundreds of products used. Not one to try at home but hot damn! the M.A.C girls are clever.



Wayne Cooper

I am power woman – hear me roar! In a nod to the ’80s it was all bold blue and orange eyes, black rims and juicy, strong red lips. Pare it back for real life with the brightest red lipstick you can find and kohl lined eyes. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself. A little red lippy goes a long way when it comes to showing the rest of the world who’s boss (note: red lippy also great for occasions when seductive qualities are required).



Oh Zimmo, perfect perfect Zimmo. Awarding one gold star for excellent use of highlighter and another for the world’s most perfectly-perfect nude lips. This pared back, max-sheen, polished look is one of the biggest trends coming our way. It’s about perfectly finished skin, scraped back hair, and drawing out your best features with strategically applied highlighter.



The Swim Collections

It’s THOSE curls again – we loved the sexy, Bridgette Bardot beauty at the Swim Collections. A little bit Victoria’s Secret, a little bit St Tropez, and a little bit trashy – and you know, sometimes, trashy can be a very, very good thing!




How many people does it take to get the models looking this good? Plenty! The teams backstage are huge, full of international artists that have flown in for the week and they work to tight routines to create the looks. This year the beauty is speaking just as loudly as the fashion and we could not be happier about that.



Dion Lee

Another huge trend to come through in makeup this week is peachy tones – for eyes, lips AND cheeks. An universally flattering colour, peachy tones can make even the most tired girl look pretty and fresh. Purchase a peach toned eyeshadow and multi-task it on your lips with a clear gloss and on the top of your cheekbones as a highlighter.



This is THE hair trend on the streets of Sydney right now. Girls everywhere are relinquishing their straightening irons in favour of flowing, brushed out curls.



Lisa Ho

The hair and makeup smoldered with all-out glamour. A little bit disco, a little bit urban safari. It was all coppers, golds and browns – a trend which M.A.C’s Amber D told me is going to really come into its own for summer.

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