Beauty Fix with Mecca

Kiwi fans of the greatest global beauty brands the likes of Nars, Stila, Prescriptives and Bumble and bumble no longer need to cross the ditch to get their fix – because Mecca Cosmetica has its first ever New Zealand store in Ponsonby.

What is the secret to aging gracefully?

Several ways! First skincare – you should get your skin diagnosed by someone you trust every six months, because your skin changes. Go somewhere that can tweak your regime personally. Every year you should have a makeup lesson; you don't necessarily need to change your look dramatically, but let someone take you through some fine points and ensure you have the right foundation.

What is your top beauty tip?

Use a primer under your makeup, preferably one you can wear on its own and that is made from botanicals that treat your skin as well as prime it, basically like clear makeup. Mecca sells a fantastic one by Nars, that you can put on up to four times before going out, and it plumps up the skin if you are feeling really run down. It works especially well under the eyes.

How did you get involved in the beauty industry?

I have had a passion for hair and makeup since I was about four years old. I remember putting rollers in my mothers' hair! What I love most of all is making people look and feel better about themselves, that is what it is all about.

What is a typical day for you?

There is no such thing as a typical day for me! I could be doing training, marketing, hosting an international makeup artist, traveling, meeting amazing people or at head office for meetings!

If you only have three minutes to do your makeup in the morning, what should your routine be?

Curl your eyelashes, apply concealer and slick on some die hard lippy.

What is the biggest makeup mistake people make?

They put on too much foundation, rub it between their hands and apply it all over the face like moisturiser.

What are some ways to instantly improve your makeup?

Use creme eyeshadow as a base and then press powdered eyeshadow into it for great colour that holds' and don't drag eyeshadow across your lids. Apply blusher by dabbing on with one finger, and smudging with another. Put foundation only on the centre of the face and chin, and blend it outwards – never put it all over the face.

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