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Haven beauty therapy

Haven Takapuna. Images supplied.

Haven recently opened their second day spa and beauty salon in Takapuna and I was delighted to receive an invitation to go and try their bespoke facial with Osmosis products. This past year I’ve been paying more attention to my skin although it’s still been a bit dry and not too happy with spending so much time in air conditioning lately so I was looking forward to a relaxing treatment which is exactly what Haven delivered.

On arrival in the welcoming space I was met by beauty therapist Chloe who went through my current skincare routine and the usual allergy questions etc. with me. After establishing that I was looking for a hydrating treatment suitable for calming my sensitive skin we proceeded to the clean and spacious treatment room. The bespoke facial that Chloe created for me was a medi facial which included a range of active ingredients designed to get deep into the skin for best results.

To start with she gently cleansed by skin with the Osmosis ‘Cleanse’ cleanser before exfoliating using ‘Polish’ which is an enzymatic exfoliate that removes deep skin cells without any irritation. The process was cooling and calming and I appreciated Chloe’s courteous approach checking that my skin was feeling ok during each step of the facial. Next up was 20 minutes of LED light therapy with yellow light which was to help settle the redness on my cheeks and also improve the hydration of my skin. Although light therapy kind of feels like you’re getting a wave of heat from the sun it’s not unpleasant and the eyemask means it doesn’t hurt your eyes or give you a headache.

With my skin feeling thoroughly clean it was time for a pre-mask serum which was a combination of Calming blend + Niacinamide (vit b) + Calm ( low level vit A serum). Chloe said that these ingredients were to ‘help restore the skin’s barrier and improve barrier function as well as calming sensitivity and helping to work towards strengthening the skin.’ Although I was told the serum might tingle a bit it just felt pleasant and like my skin was soaking in much needed nourishment.

The Hydrating Herb Mask was next on my skin and it’s designed to improve hydration in the skin’s epidermis and felt deeply moisturising with a light botanical scent. Chloe then gently massaged my face and décolletage using ‘Immerse’ moisture booster and ‘Repair’ healing mask/serum which was oh so relaxing. Lastly she applied some after care consisting of  ‘Quench Plus’ and then ‘Protect’ SPF 30 sunscreen to protect my now beautifully soft skin.

Verdict: I really enjoyed my blissful experience at Haven and my skin felt so velvety soft afterwards I had to try not to constantly touch my face. My face was initially a little red from the light therapy but within a short time it had settled and the irritation on my cheeks had calmed right down. The salon itself is a clean and welcoming space and Chloe was really friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable which are all important things when you’re putting your skin in someone’s hands. Haven is a delight and well worth a visit to regularly treat your skin.

Haven beauty therapy


Images supplied.

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