Beating the Summer Heat: Keeping Your Cool



Seeing as the weather has been quite toasty lately, it?s about time to address the dilemma of how possible it is to look stylish while keeping cool this summer.

Is it possible?

Unfortunately, since it?s not that practical (or socially acceptable) to walk around in a bikini or other minimalistic clothing while shopping or running various errands this summer (as much as many of us would like to given the 30º+ heat!), I?ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you dress for hot weather.

Since dark colours tend to absorb more heat, try to stick with light coloured clothing when it?s super hot outside.
While layering has been a stylish approach in past (less balmy) seasons, I would say to avoid this when the weather gets too warm.
Also, try to wear more natural fibers over synthetic ones – garments made from cotton and linen ?breathe?, which can help you to stay cool.
And finally, don?t forget the SPF! Sunburn is no one?s friend.

 For a foolproof summer casual look, pair a cute t-shirt (the one above is from Huffer?s S/S ?11 collection) with simple denim shorts and some bright sandals for a pop of colour. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail, add some jewellery and you?re ready to go.

Dresses are the perfect choice for hot weather, so I?ve centred this second look around an adorable Juliette Hogan dress (from her Summer ?11 collection). To dress it down for daytime, wear it with some laid-back Keds and a cool fedora. Some rings and a unique necklace will complete the look.

If it?s still blistering when the sun goes down, this Stolen Girlfriends Club maxi skirt is sure to do the trick. It?s breezy enough for high temperatures, yet is a step above casual. Wear some wooden heels to maintain the boho vibe, and add a contrasting punch of colour with a peach or orange clutch. Since this look is so bold, the only jewellery you?ll really need will be a pair of statement earrings.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you?re feeling a bit more confident in your ability to dress stylishly in this summer weather. I, for one, am a bit relieved that it is indeed possible to put together an outfit that keeps you cool and looks cool – at the same time. Perfect.

– Lena Aseeva

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