Barkers’ biggest store opens in Wellington



Twenty years after the first Barkers store opened on Wellington’s iconic Lambton Quay strip, Barkers is launching its first flagship store on Lambton Quay, in an old ASB Bank Building, not far from the original store.

Barkers Chambers, named in respect of the legal and political power in the area, is not only the biggest Barkers store in history, but it’s politically themed, bespoke interior is also the most costly.

When combined with the deep sense of political and social history which runs through the store, there is a slightly old world feel, from materials such as raw brick, safety glass and oak, to the portraits of the country’s most well-turned out Prime Ministers which adorn the walls of fitting areas.


In a big, bold venture which signals Barkers’ commitment to Wellington, Barkers Chambers exudes the power of face-to-face customer service, and a personal touch, even in an online era.

Twice the size of the old store and housing the biggest range including an exclusive selection of records and skincare, customers will still find Barkers’ longest-serving employee of 20 years, Matty Poppelwell, on hand to open the finest ever Barkers store each day.

Dedicated to service, Poppelwell knows his customers by name, knows their wardrobes, their likes and ambivalences and provides advice based on that knowledge.

Alongside the Barkers’ range, there is men’s grooming, and the ‘Suit Shop’, featuring an unparalleled selection of suiting. A suit is an important purchase – one to be savoured and customers will be served a cold beer, a hot flat white, or a warming single-malt whisky while mulling over options.

To top it all off, as clients enter they will l walk through an exhibition space, an area of the shop, which will change its presentation over time, featuring everything from classic cars to live performances.

All that, in one very special store! There’s nothing in New Zealand retail, let alone Barkers, quite like it. So if you’re in Wellington, make it your business to stop by Barkers Chambers. Ask for Matty – he’ll make you a made very welcome.



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