Barena Arrives at Crane Brothers

Barena jacket at Crane Brothers.


Craftsmanship is what the Crane Brothers brand is based on and they've recently announced a new addition to their offering with another artisanal label, Barena, joining their menswear stores. Founded in stunning Venice, Barena was established in 1961 and is known for its outerwear, which is hand-made using time-tested construction techniques that are a modern take on traditional methods.
The name Barena comes from the Italian parochial term for a lagoon’s edge, and as Venice was once mostly lagoon and marshland it's a nice nod to the label's origins. Fishing, hunting and agriculture are a strong part of the area's history which informs Barena's relaxed approach to tailoring, although they have a knack for making even casual clothing feel special with their hand-made approach. Their chosen colour palette also reflects Venetian history with navy, ecru, brown, grey and green forming the basis of each range.
To create their pieces Barena 'utilise incredibly soft construction for pieces that feel as relaxed as a cardigan, whilst retaining the smartness of a structured jacket' with fabrics including knitted cottons and wools. The easy to wear nature of Barena's garments means it's not hard to see how they will fit in with New Zealand's informal lifestyle and their clever take on outerwear will likely become increasingly popular. 
Barena jackets available at Crane Brothers.

Images from Crane Brothers.

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