Back to work style for Summer

It’s time to head back to work but it’s still hot outside most days which makes choosing the right outfit a bit more challenging when you want to stay cool but also look professional. We’ve got a few tips on how to do that and some stylish pieces to inspire your work wardrobe.

Wear light coloured clothing
First off, wearing light-coloured clothing is going to help you stay cooler. Light colours reflect, rather than absorb, the sun’s rays so you’re much better off in white as opposed to black. If you’re prone to spilling things on white clothes then you can opt for another light colour but try and avoid dark colours if you’re spending much time in the sun.

Create air flow
Tight clothes on hot days are not the best idea, instead opt for sleeveless pieces or loose sleeves for your tops and shirts. The same goes for your lower half, wide legged pants and a line skirts are going to be nicer to wear that fitted pieces. If you need to layer a blazer over the top opt for one that’s in a breathable fabric like linen.

Linen is your friend
Breathable fabrics are definitely important in summer, as cotton, linen and silk are all great for helping keep you cool but due to it’s slightly looser weave and breezy fabrication opt for linen wherever possible. A chic linen shirt is always going to be in style too. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are going to stick to you so definitely avoid them and while denim may be a natural fabric it’s also a heavy one so leave it at home when it’s a hot day.

Accessorise with earrings
It’s best to keep accessories to a minimum when the temperature soars, having a necklace sticking to your décolletage or trying to get a ring on when your fingers are a bit swollen from the heat is not ideal. That’s when earrings make the perfect summer accessory as they simply dangle from your ears without getting sweaty and you can vary the size depending on the occasion and weather.

We’ve got some perfect pieces to inspire your work outfits in our latest gallery below.

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