Autumn Must-Haves

 5 Must-Have Items to Update Your Autumn Wardrobe


Not only has the weather in the past few weeks been atrocious, it’s reminded us that summer is well and truly over (“was it here at all?”, some may ask).

And now that autumn has arrived, it’s time to update our wardrobes to something a bit more warm and cold-weather appropriate.

I’ve picked out some Autumn 2012 essentials below. Whether you buy just one or all six of these items, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll look up-to-date without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

1. A Cozy Pullover Sweater

This autumn, there is no better choice than a comfy pullover sweater. Wear one with some jeans for a cool and casual look or pair it with a skirt (and stockings) for a more stylish vibe.

There are lots of options when it comes to color, style and fit, so it should be easy to find a sweater that matches your personal aesthetic. The Huffer one below comes in mustard and black, and has a relaxed fit in a nice and chunky knit.


2. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants were spotted all over the Fashion Week and Fashion Festival runways in New Zealand for this season. They’re warmer than your average pair of jeans, and are super comfy. Once popular in neutral colours, this time around they are available in almost any shade imaginable. These Weathered W Cords from Area 51 come in both navy blue and grey.


3. A Collar Necklace

If you buy one new piece of jewelry this season, make it a collar necklace. Just like the name suggests, these bold necklaces give the illusion of an ornate collar and are available in tons of unique styles.

These statement necklaces are the perfect way to dress up a basic tee or to add some edge to your favorite LBD. The two below are from Diva – the multi stone collar on the left is the perfect mix of shades for winter, while the one on the right is a more understated piece that will transcend seasons.


4. Over-the-Knee Socks

These tall stockings will help transition your favorite summer dresses, shorts, skirts and rompers into fall. They’ll also give you some extra coverage and keep your legs warm when the outside temperature drops. You can pair such socks with any kind of shoe: flats, heels, and tall boots (with the tops of the sock peeking out from the boot). The pair below are from Glassons, and are available in both black and milk.


5. Polka-Dot Anything

Polka dots seem like they are a perpetually popular seasonal print (say that five times fast!), and this fall is no exception. This pretty print is both whimsical and feminine — it definitely makes a fun statement!

This sheer shirt from Julian Danger features unexpected tails, making it slightly dressy.
The polka dot print adds a touch of cute to the more sophisticated cut of the blouse.


There you have it – five totally wearable, totally stylish pieces for autumn.

How are you planning to update your wardrobe for the colder season?

– Lena Aseeva

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