Autumn Layering Essentials

Autumn layering essentials march 2017

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that autumn (and spring, actually) weather is unpredictable. One minute you’re wrapping a scarf around your neck and the next you’re wondering if it’s still warm enough to go swimming in the sea. This kind of transitional weather is where layering comes in handy – being able to add or remove layers depending how hot or cold it is means that you’re not going to be left sweltering in your winter woolies or shivering in your summer frock with the change of weather.

Autumn layering essentials

Obi Merino Overlay Dress, $347 from Zebrano (left), Sara Merino Trim Tunic, $89.99 from EziBuy (centre), Amber and Vanilla Merino Wool Cashmere Blend Sweater, AUD $161.99 from Navabi (right)

Merino is one of my absolute wardrobe essentials for autumn, winter and spring, because it’s a thin layer that will keep you warm without adding a lot of bulk to what you’re wearing. If you make sure the merino is the first layer against your skin, it can trap your body heat inside for added warmth. To make sure you’re extra toasty, wear multiple layers of merino – air gets trapped in between each layer! I have singlets, tees, long sleeve tops and cardigans made from merino, so I can layer them up (either together or with other non merino pieces depending how cold it is).

Autumn layering essentials march 2017

Bodycode Curve Tank, $34.99 from Farmers (left), Sara Tank, $19.99 from EziBuy (centre), ASOS CURVE Ultimate Singlet, $17.32 from ASOS (right)

Remember when you were a kid and your mum always dressed you with a singlet under your shirt? She did that for a good reason – to keep you warm! Sneak one under a tee or your work blouse, and make sure you tuck it in – hello warmth! If it starts to get hot, you can always nip into the bathroom and remove the extra layer or if you want to wear an open shirt over the top, you can – this EziBuy tank comes in 11 different colours and patterns!

Autumn layering essentials march 2017

Junarose Cardigan, $43.30 from ASOS (left), Cutie Pie Cardi, $50 from City Chic (centre) and Sara Merino Cardigan, $89.99 from EziBuy (right)

Cardigans that are made from thinner material are a great transeasonal layering piece – you can wear them on over most kinds of tops or dresses and they can also be worn underneath blazers, jackets and coats (and are easily taken off if you’re feeling too warm.

Autumn layering essentials march 2017

Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights, AUD $34.95 from SONSEE(left), ASOS CURVE Grey Marl Rib Tights, $17.32 from ASOS (centre), Opaque 100 Denier Footless Tights, AUD $34.95 from SONSEE (right)

Sometimes a summer outfit can be made suitable for cooler months by adding tights. If the morning starts out cold but ends up hot you’ve always got the option of going barelegged later in the day. Stockings are a must have with skirts and dresses in winter for me (and sometimes under trousers too, if I’m really cold), don’t be afraid of opting for fun colours and textures.

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