AUT’s Rookie class of 2017

AUT Rookie 2017

Finale at AUT Rookie 2017. Image supplied.

Fashion is obsessed with the future and graduate shows provide a revealing glimpse into where things are heading, which in the case of AUT’s Rookie show is a very bright future indeed. The annual Rookie show presents the designs of the top graduating students and this year the friends, family and fashion industry in attendance were also treated to a confident denim display from some of the Year 1 students as well as an intriguing short film from the Year 2 students before the main runway presentation began.

The calibre of the graduating twenty students showcasing their designs on the runway was so high it was incredibly hard to play favourites and with so many interesting ideas and clever fabrications on display the entire show was a stunning visual feast. Each young designer had the opportunity to present five looks which made up a mini-collection and it was clear that each one had been careful about creating a cohesive range which not only demonstrated their skills but stamped their mark as designers.

What was very clear from the runway is that streetwear isn’t going anywhere with it taking many forms and that students have a keen sense of sustainability and ethical principles which is wonderful to see. Among the collections that caught our eye were Rosalie Watson’s sculptural womenswear, Tahirih Latu’ vivid use of colour and prints, Eunji Choi’s sophisticated denim, Blyth McDonald’s fluid shapes and Finau Pani’s playful exaggerated silhouettes.

The Rookie class of 2017 presenting on the runway included:

Ariane Ilagan
Katie Parker
Rosalie Watson
Amanda Crampton
Xingchen Lu (Doris)
Ashley Meg Karam
Kourtney Andrew
Corey Jordan
Daniel Han
Blyth McDonald
Bridgette Ellis
Tahirih Latu
April Gourdie
Kristine (Jiaying) Li
Holley Thoresen
Tyra Moller
Eunji Choi
Wilbur Hsu
Rudi Poniman
Finau Pani

Congratulations to all the graduates, we can’t wait to see what you do in future.

Images supplied.

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