Augustine launches Alaska Tees in time for Summer

Alaska tee's by Augustine

Augustine designer Kelly Coe in her Alaska Tee. Image supplied.

Augustine are known for their fun and colourful designs and they’ve just announced a new line – Alaska Tees that will allow customers to explore their personal style in the form of bespoke t-shirts. It’s a clever idea by Augustine co-founder Nathan Coe, who is a self-confessed t-shirt enthusiast and will see shoppers able to customize high quality cotton tees down to the last detail, with prices from $59- $89.

To choose their tee, customers head to the Alaska Tees website and select from one of the thirty-five shapes, choose a colour, style of tee, then choose a design from over a thousand exclusively created images by Alaska Tees’ three graphic designers. The shopper will be able to see each change take place on the screen instantaneously and watch their tee come to life just as they prefer it. The designs include graphic tees, vintage tees, slogans, sayings etc. allowing customers to perfect their design and create a unique team. The huge amount of options means no t-shirt will be the same.

As soon as the design is confirmed by the user, the Alaska Tees team prints the design within hours and ships each t-shirt within a few days. As if there weren’t already enough exciting designs to choose from, a new print will be released each day, so there will always be something new for customers to choose.

The innovative concept has been two years in the making, with Alaska Tees adding a unique offering to the Augustine stable of brands that husband and wife team Nathan and Kelly Coe offer. T-shirts are Nathan’s baby though and he’s delighted to finally be able to being Alaska Tees to market. “It’s a shopping experience like no other. Currently in the market, there are such limited print selections in-store and online, we wanted to create a one stop t-shirt boutique that is a complete individual experience” says Nathan Coe.

Alaska Tees launches with the first selection of women’s tees online on October 11th. Men’s and children’s offerings will be available in coming months. Alaska Tees will also be part of the new Augustine store opening in Mount Manganui on October 18th.

Alaska tee's by Augustine

Alaska tee's by Augustine

Alaska tee's by Augustine

Images supplied.

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