Are you a budding Teen Stylist?

Come along to our School Holiday Programme for Teen Stylists to learn all the tricks of the trade…

• Colours that work
• Dressing different shapes
• Accessorising
• Skincare and Make-up
• Editorial Styling
• The keys to Personal Styling

Day One…
Know what works
Ever wonder why all the big stars always look AMAZING? It’s because they (or their stylist!!) know what works for their body shape. You can’t compare apples with pears, just like you can’t compare Kim Kardashian with Taylor Swift! We are all such different shapes and sizes, and this day, is all about embracing your shape and finding out what works for YOU.

Discover a world of colour….. Navigate your way through warm and cool tones, bright through to beige. Find out how colour can make your outfit pop plus your eyes sparkle! This is a practical hands-on experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Day Two…
Shopping is easy – right?

Not so easy when you are putting something together for a friend or client. There is heaps to consider, and this is your opportunity to show off your skills, as our team of expert Signature Style Stylists, take you step by step through the process of shopping like a true professional! An interactive session where playing dress ups is more than just something you did when you were a kid!

Day Three…
Fresh faced and feeling fabulous!

We have a skincare expert on board to give you all the hints and tricks to keeping a clear face, and then it’s time for our fully qualified make-up artists to take you through make-up application. As much as we love Lady Gaga we don’t want to look like her every day! So this is more about teaching you the base skills to apply every day make up that enhances your natural features – with a few extras (including a hair consultation) thrown in for those special Gaga moments!

Day Four…
We've saved the best till last

Put together your own superstar outfit in no time, and we’ll even share our secrets to putting the icing on the top of every outfit – accessories.

Tuesday 2nd October – Friday 5th October 2012

$395 for four days ($100 Deposit required on booking)

Includes all materials, Morning Tea and a Group Lunch on Friday


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