Apparel Magazine’s Caitlan Mitchell on her fashionable ambition

Caitlan Mitchell, editor of Apparel magazine. Image by Luke Foley-Martin.

Caitlan Mitchell always knew she was going to end up in fashion, her father Peter Mitchell founded New Zealand’s fashion industry magazine Apparel in 1969 of which Caitlan is now the editor. She tells Radio New Zealand’s Sonia Sly from the My Heels Are Killing Me podcast about her early ambitions and how she successfully transitioned from model to photographer to editor all by the age of 22. Mitchell shares what it’s like to work in a family business, how they keep a print magazine relevant in a digital era and what her early experiences at New Zealand Fashion Week were like.

Check out the podcast below:


Photography by Caitlan Mitchell. Image supplied.

My Heels Are Killing Me

Sonia Sly goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry to find out what exists beyond its glamorous façade

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