Amazing Halloween Looks from Napoleon Perdis

Asterope look from Napoleon Perdis on Global Makeup Artist Siobhan Kelly.

Napoleon Perdis is a master of amazing makeup and he and his team have created ten incredible looks for Halloween that are inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology. The creative makeup brand have created detailed facecharts along with makeup tutorials on YouTube to help you recreate these incredible looks this Halloween. It’s the perfect excuse to go a bit crazy and have fun with your makeup although it may be tricky to choose just one look when each one is cleverly designed to be a unique interpretation of each Greek character.

“I love everything about Ancient Greek Mythology and it’s mythical good, evil, mysterious and out-of-this-world characters which made it perfect for this year’s Halloween’s theme,” says Napoleon Perdis. “We cover everything from Nymphs to Monsters, from the pretty and pure to the ghoulish and devilish. It’s all about a reason to have fun, getting in touch with your inner monster or nymph and experimenting with looks, colours and textures you never have before. Living in Athens I’m constantly inspired by the history of the city, our ancestors and the stories they were told, so it’s something which is not only part of my heritage’s history, but it’s the perfect theme to look and feel fab.”

The chosen Greek characters were a personal choice for Perdis as he was born in Australia to first generation Greek parents (his mother is from Kythera and father is from the Peloponnese) and his heritage and Greek culture played an important role in his life and upbringing. “I was always drawn to Greece and our majestic and passionate Greek culture from a very young age, but it wasn’t until I visited Kythera with my mother when I was a young adult that I really felt a connection to my roots,” he adds. “Fast forward 20 something years, and my wife (who was born and raised in Athens until the age of 14), four girls and I have relocated from LA to Athens and I, as well as the family, couldn’t be more in touch with our heritage, culture and the independent spirit of Greece. I’m proud of my heritage and the fact that Greece is the birthplace of Western Civilization.”

We’ve selected our five favourites to show you and you can see every Napoleon Perdis look on the brand’s blog here.

View the Napoleon Perdis Asterope YouTube tutorial here.

View the Napoleon Perdis KhioneYouTube tutorial here.

View the Napoleon Perdis ArachneYouTube tutorial here.

View the Napoleon Perdis Hyleoroi YouTube tutorial here.

View the Napoleon Perdis Elpis YouTube tutorial here.

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