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Alya Skin
Alya Skin’s Australian Pink Clay Mask. Image supplied.

If you’re up with all the latest trends, then I’m sure you would have heard about the Australian Pink Clay Mask, taking Instagram— and our skin by storm! This product has been dubbed the next big thing in beauty products and after selling out immediately after its launch only four months ago, has amassed a cult following and it’s quite understandable why.

The most surprising thing is who is behind this product,  Manny Barbas and James Hachem are two 23- year- old guys from Melbourne, who aside from having some marketing and advertising experience, didn’t have any experience in the beauty industry before they started their venture launching Alya Skin. After seeing a gap in the market for a face mask that was unique, these two friends embarked on a journey of the unknown, so you can imagine their elation when Alya Skin made its first million in only four months and the demand is showing no signs of slowing down, this product is here to stay.

Alya Skin’s Pink Clay Mask is made from Kaolin clay to help detoxify and brighten the skin, it can also help to remove acne spots and tighten pores, with some of its key ingredients being aloe vera, pomegranate and witch hazel to leave the skin feeling toned, fresh and healthy, as well as a number of active ingredients which help to fight problematic skin and this product is animal cruelty free, which we love!

I was lucky enough to be invited along to their product launch, here in Auckland and gifted a pot of their Pink Clay Mask to try out for myself, I had seen them on Instagram and was curious to see if the product was really as good as everyone said it was. I have problematic skin, mostly acne pots, residual acne marks and uneven skin tone, so I am pretty careful about what products I use on my face. I tried it out after cleansing my face, left it on for 10 minutes then washed it off, as per the directions and after I washed it off my skin was visibly brighter and felt super clean and aside from other face masks I’ve tried in the past, my face didn’t feel tight at all, it felt soft and moisturized.

I did notice a couple of small spots come to the surface fairly quickly after I washed the mask off, which is a normal process as the mask is meant to draw out imperfections and detoxify your skin. I have since incorporated this mask into my Sunday night skincare routine and every time I use it my skin is glowing so its easy to see why this product is killing it in the beauty world.

Alya Skin

Images supplied.

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