Alexandra Owen A/W 2010

Judging on this and past collections, Owen's strength undoubtedly lies in her masterful eye for detail. Owen takes simple with a twist to a new level, adding unexpected pleating and folding of fabric into otherwise popular silhouettes. The result is pure sophistication. VIEW THE COMPLETE RUNWAY GALLERY HERE.


Her looks appeared to take influence from interiors and button down chesterfield furniture. Heavily wadded collars with rope piping on a tuxedo jacket, were reminiscent of luxurious cushions or a baroque style chaise. She also used a clever detail to unite much of the collection. Owen had constructed a diamond shape pattern (a la chesterfield couch) through tucking and tacking folds of fabric. This detail covered the entire front of sheath dresses, skinny trousers and knee length cashmere coats. From here the detail morphed into more dramatic folds and cowls of fabric, which appeared as a bib on full length silk gowns and tops. The show was complete with two bride like gown and jacket outfits, heavily adorned with the draping detail, oversized cuffs on cleverly folded and pleated sleeves.



In it's entirety a highly innovative collection, which perfectly displays Owen's unique talent. She is a master of clever tailoring and unexpected patterns. While it's not a collection for the every day New Zealand women, this is true high fashion so it shouldn't be. Taken piece by piece the collection is wearable, and will definitely please the intellectual fashionista, and more daring corporate.

Julia Dick

Photography c/- Hillary Johnston

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