Actress Amanda Billing releases new empowering t-shirts

Amanda Billing

Actress Amanda Billing in her Strong Female Character t-shirt. Image supplied.

While you may know actress Amanda Billing from her many great stage and screen acting roles, you may not know that she also designs t-shirts. Amanda’s ‘Strong Female Character’ t-shirt caught our eye on Instagram last year and she has just opened pre-orders for her latest round of tees which include versions of the SFC top as well as another tee with the phrase ‘Feminist AF’. We love fashion that empowers women and what better way to express your support for other women and the women’s movement than by wearing a tee like this.

“I designed the #SFCtee before Weinstein and #metoo, before #timesupnow and #whywewearblack, before Scarlett Johansson achieved pay parity to the tune of US$14m for her upcoming Black Widow film, and its relevance in the celluloid world is evolving all the time,” says Amanda. “My motivation for producing it in this format ended up coming from Miranda Harcourt, whose daughter Thomasin McKenzie was about to hit the indie film big time for her work in Leave No Trace (which recently made Barack Obama’s Best of 2018 list FYI). Miranda spotted my original design and said ‘Tom will need that in the US’. So I made it happen, turning it around virtually overnight with the help of graphic designer Terrease McComb and Excellent Screen Printers and in a funny kind of way, along with Thomasin’s debut, @mandybeetees was born. Nicole Kidman and her daughters own them, too. The day I see that tee on the set of Big Little Lies will be the day I die of happiness.”

Pre-orders for Amanda’s tees are open now until January 21st with all tees priced at $60 including standard postage. You can find out more about the styles and sizing on @mandybeetees and place an order by emailing [email protected].

Amanda Billing

Image via @mandybeetees.

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