Absolut and Huffer Announce Fashion Focused Absolut NZ

Having opened on Monday (with new menswear designer Sam Hickey setting the current sales record of two items), the showroom set the perfect scene to unveil the bespoke Huffer cocktail (instructions below, taste sensational, appearance delightful) along with the glamorously Kiwi styled Absolut NZ case.












































While the case contains a regular bottle of Absolut, it marks Absolut’s appreciation of Huffer as a true style icon – alongside other global collaborations including Tom Ford and Andy Warhol.


“We’re beyond proud to be involved with this collaboration and to partner with an international brand like Absolut,” says Huffer’s Steve Dunstan. “Absolut’s aesthetic and creativity have always appealed to us as a brand and to be able to create a New Zealand-first with them is a complete thrill.”

Steve Dunstan with the Huffer-designed bottle
The event was a huge success – the showroom loaded with current season items while a who’s who of the fashion industry enjoyed a range of Absolut delights and a suave jazz-band.
Abbe Vaughan, Milly Nolan, Katheryn Sidders and Cathy McKeown
It’s an interesting, but very cool, move for Huffer as an iconic Kiwi label – it’s as well regarded by the average, slightly polished bloke to the high-brow, high-street fashionista.  As Pernod Ricard Head of Marketing Dave Poole puts it, “we were looking for a brand that was accessible yet aspirational.  We started with an idea, we wanted an NZ feel and pack, rang up the Huffer and went from there – it’s a perfect fit –   world famous in New Zealand.”
The Huffer Crew: Victoria Ott, Sam Hickey, Dylan Butt and Dary Ouk
Adrian Hailwood and Myken Stewart
Amber Peebles and Brooke Howard-Smith
The pack will be available for a limited time only through chains like Super Liquor, Liquorland and duty-free stores. 
30ml ABSOLUT Original 
20ml Kahlúa 
30ml freshly brewed espresso 
15ml maple syrup 
Dash of Fee Brothers bitters 
Method: Stir all ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with three white chocolate buttons, arranged in the shape of the Huffer symbol. 
– Will Seal

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