About my Mum – Sam Stretton

Sam Stretton talks about Fashion Designer Annah Stretton.

Who is your Mum, where does she live and what does she do?

My Mum is Annah Stretton. She lives in Hamilton and is a Fashion Designer.

What is the most special thing about your Mum, to you?

Mums most special attribute to me is that she loves me unconditionally; she will always be there no matter what I seem to do.

What is it about your Mum that drives you crazy?

Nothing drives me ‘crazy’ about mum, but she can sometimes repeat things, but I know that’s only because she knows I am forgetful *sometimes*

What is it about YOU that drives your Mum crazy?

I know that having a messy room drives her crazy and being unorganised can sometimes do this too.

If your Mum was an outfit, what would she be?

Everyone loves their comfy pants, but if mum were an outfit she would be….
Annah Stretton, whilst wearing her favourite vintage pieces that she has collected along the way.

Sam Stretton

For more about Annah Stretton:

FashioNZ Annah Stretton page here.

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