About my Mum – Charlotte Penman

Who is your Mum, where does she live and what does she do?

My mum is Sarah Penman and she lives in Devonport, Auckland. She works as a nurse at Starship Children’s Hospital in the Neurology ward.

What is the most special thing about your Mum, to you?

She always encourages us (her children) be ourselves and do what makes us happy. Plus after raising 6 children and helping to raise 4 step-children she went on to study nursing and now looks after sick kids, she’s amazing!

What is it about your Mum that drives you crazy?

I wish she would treat herself more and take up yoga or pilates!

What is it about YOU that drives your Mum crazy?

That I over analyse and plan everything!

If your Mum was an outfit, what would she be?

Well my mum has always inspired me with her fashion transitions and these ones stick out!

1979, the year I was born I would say punk-ish zebra tights with bronze ankle boots, a singlet and leather jacket with a blond cropped do…

Late 80’s a dusky-pink corduroy jacket from Honk Kong with a pencil skirt, Minnie Coopers and many layered locks…

Mid 90’s a blue silk Zambesi wrap dress and brown leather clogs with long blond hair…

And today…

A geometric patterned silk kaftan shirt, jeans and black wedges.

For more about Charlotte Penman:

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