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alexandra-apple-mumphotoWho is your Mum, where does she live and what does she do?

My mum is Suzan Kostanich, she lives in Ponsonby in Auckland (not too far away from me, I couldn’t do without her) and she is my production manager, support team, collaborator and muse.

What is the most special thing about your Mum, to you?

The most important thing about my mum is her constant belief in me and how no matter how badly I feel or want to give something up because it seems too hard; she is always waiting in the wings with words of encouragement and belief.

What is it about your Mum that drives you crazy?

All her similarities to me, in particular her stubbornness, which is also what makes her special.

What is it about YOU that drives your Mum crazy?

I would guess all the difficult traits I inherited from her…an unwillingness to give up and the willingness to try and argue my way out or into anything.

If your Mum was an outfit, what would she be?

She would be a collaboration between Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood, architectural in form, black in colour, multiple layers and a combination that would be simultaneously understated yet completely over the top.

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