A Tartan Tale

A MAC devotee pretty much since I started properly wearing makeup, I was, of course, excited to attend the launch of MAC’s latest collection, to be released for the holiday season: A Tartan Tale.  In a nutshell, the team at MAC says: “We’re telling a slightly twisted Tartan Tale to celebrate holiday 2010, in all its posh, punk, ancestral, anarchic noble and naughty glory.  Royal and raunchy, colours and patterns collide, fantasies come true. Punk faeries take flight, with poetic new looks for eyes to gaze long upon Glamora Castle.”


A collection of contrasts, from traditional Scottish emblems to Sid Vicious inspired punk tartan, A Tartan Tale is a collection focussing on perfect, pale complexions, and lip colours from peachy to berry red, and featuring a range of coloured eyeliners from bronze to deep navy, plus eye shadows from light gold to dark grey.


MAC artist Amber D showed us how to create the look of a perfect Scottish lassie on a model – who had perfect porcelain skin, deep berry lips, and flushed cheeks.  The MAC girls, by contrast, showed how the collection could be used to create bolder looks, with bright, bold eye colours in pinks and oranges. The collection can be used to create looks from the demure with lighter, neutral colours to the dramatic, with bold eye, cheek and lip colours.


I’m always a sucker for pretty packaging, and this collection is one of my favourites – eye, lip and cheek compacts covered in furry tartan and a gold MAC coat of arms, to tartan tins, and (my favourite) furry tartan make up bags, that are punk-princess perfection.  Eye shadows embossed with a tartan pattern are also super cute.



Of course, just in time for Christmas, the collection also features gift packs filled with goodies, that will be the perfect gift for your fave girlfriend.  There’s lip, eye and face palettes, lip gloss and nail polish tins, lip and eye bags and brush kits all in the signature punky makeup bags.  I also love the collectible tins featuring the MAC Mineralize products.



By Natalie Cosgrove

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