A positive approach to New Year resolutions

As New Year resolutions are being readied for their annual outing, the team at My Special K is urging New Zealand women to focus on everything they have to gain.



The My Special K Declare Your Gain campaign aims to focus on shifting the negative perception around New Years’ resolutions. 


Inviting Kiwi women to declare what they want to achieve in 2013, will help inspire a move towards positive thinking, My Special K has pledged up to $10,000 donating $1 to Dress for Success in New Zealand for every declaration received between now and February 7, 2013. 


On ‘National Gain Day’ – 14 January 2013 – the donation amount doubles to $2 per gain declared on that day.


In total the campaign aims to raise $10,000 for the charity which helps women faced with challenging situations to gain confidence, success, self-assurance, strength, happiness and more. 


Dress for Success begins its quest by providing women with professional business attire, accessories, hair and make-up advice, as well as a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in life. 


In the same vein, the My Special K programme provides women with free, personalised plans to help achieve what they want to gain, through meal and exercise plans.


The funds raised in the campaign are destined to help women around the country realise the power of positivity. Recent studies have shown a positive approach can lead to greater wealth and success. Women have also said that they are more successful in realising their New Year’s goals when they take a positive approach to them.


Sue Lewis-O'Halloran, Regional Director of Australia & New Zealand Dress for Success Worldwide says thinking positively can transform women’s lives. 


“Helping women think positively about themselves is the first step to achieving their own picture of success. At Dress for Success, the suit is just the start – it’s the confidence boost that propels women out the door into employment.”


Kellogg’s NZ Marketing Manager Julian Ng says the team is keen to spread the power of positivity to even more women around the country.


We know that when we set positive goals for the New Year, we get more happiness and joy when we achieve them. By teaming up with Dress for Success we have the ability to really make a difference.”


To Declare your Gain or sign up to the My Special K plan visit www.myspecialk.co.nz 




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