A hairdresser’s guide to looking after your hair in winter

Winter haircare

We got some expert tips on looking after your hair in winter. Image supplied.

Like our skin, our hair in winter also takes a battering. The change of seasons and lack of moisture can cause our hair to become dehydrated and lacklustre. But there are things we can do both at home and in-salon to care for and nourish our hair in the cold winter months, and choosing the right hair treatments for your hair is one of them. So, we had a chat with our friend and owner of WabiSabi salon, Sarah-Lee Eastwood, to find out how we can look after our hair in winter and what products she swears by for her clients to bring life back into those dry locks.

What winter hair treatments would you recommend for hair during winter?
Winter tends to dehydrate our hair with all of the heating and the lack of Vitamin D summer usually helps us with. Moisture is very important to help give us lush locks. Hydrate-Me.Masque by our favourite haircare professional  – Kevin Murphy is a good winter go-to for moisturising and smoothing frizzy, unmanageable, dehydrated hair and deeply conditions to help produce more shine and bounce. This is a great once a week 5 – 10-minute masque and you could even add a hot towel for extra deep conditioning.

If you like a more low maintenance hydration, we love the Kevin Murphy, Young.Again Dry Conditioner. A super hydrating weightless instant conditioning spray that is applied on dry ends to keep your hair feeling softer for an extra day between washes. It is amazing for dry hair with the winter blues to soften, nourish and add shine and it makes hair more manageable and soft between wash days.

Are there specific seasonal hair treatments?
In winter we definitely feel that the scalp takes a bit of a beating and with Kevin Murphy’s mantra of ‘Skincare for the hair’, we truly believe that if you take care of your scalp health your hair health will benefit. Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash is our tribes go-to for detoxing scalp concerns. It balances out oil build-up, dryness and impurities without stripping your hair and scalp of all its important natural oils. It is colour safe and ideal to use once a week alongside your fav KM Wash and Rinse duo.

What can we do at home to look after our hair during winter?
Make sure to dry your hair and not leave it wet as this can cause your scalp to be left damp and create oil build-up and flaking residue. Check-in with your trusted stylist for the best haircare for you, they want the best for you and are happy to help guide you in the best direction for your hair’s benefit and your lifestyle.

 What winter hair care products would you recommend?
Another good winter treat and all-round fav is our KM Restore Cleansing treatment. This can be used 1-2 times a week in place of your shampoo and conditioner on the day you use it. It is packed full of superfood proteins and fruit enzymes that work naturally to help restore moisture and reconstruct damaged hair whilst also cleansing your scalp and hair.

What should we avoid doing with our hair in winter?
Avoid tying your hair up wet all year round as this can cause breakage to the hair. When drying your hair, be sure to use a heat protector before using heat to avoid damaging the hair. Miracle hair treatment by ELEVEN is a really good leave-in treatment/heat protection before blow-drying with 11 hair goodness benefits. The smell is divine and will take your mind away from winter and land you in a tropical island sipping cocktails from a coconut in the sunshine! If only our borders would allow such bliss! Ha-ha.

Anything else you would like to add?
You can find all our favourite hair treat recommendations on our website or in salon. Be sure to watch out for our new in-salon service about to launch for a winter scalp and hair pamper pick me up treat!

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