A Girl's New One-Stop Shop

The Pony Xpress ‘Pod’ is a New Zealand first: a salon-within-a-store that will exist inside the huge new Glassons flagship store on Broadway, Newmarket, in Auckland, offering an array of blow-dry-based hair styles at affordable prices, with a focus on efficient service delivered by an internationally-recognised team.

One of the biggest aims of Pony Xpress is to reinvent the way modern consumers approach their traditional hair styling routine. The efficient and affordable range of styles and products on offer means that the traditional 4-6 week hairdresser routine is supplemented by quick and easy styling trips to tame growing locks. So the next time you need to look hot for a party you won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze in at your hairdresser, instead you’ll be able to stop in for a quick and easy style makeover – all while you shop at the House of G!

The Pony Xpress ‘menu’ will consist of eight hair styles, with a focus on blow-dry techniques that will change throughout the year with the seasons. These eight styles will form the basis of Pony Xpress’s services and be highlighted throughout Glassons’ in-store mannequin styling and throughout Glassons ad campaigns.

Also available at the Pony Xpress ‘Pod’ will be a selection of the best hair products available from brands such as Redken, L’Oreal and Matrix along with ghd stylers.

The brains behind the Pony Xpress concept are the young team responsible for the hugely successful Blaze salon on Broadway, Newmarket. The Blaze team of award-winning stylist Mana Dave, Kelly Latu and Kate Smith have embarked on a series of collaborations with Glassons that will keep the Blaze brand at the forefront of New Zealand’s hair industry.

This cool collaboration between these two forward-thinking brands will surely create a more satisfying, fun shopping experience.

Pony Xpress will launch in the huge new Glassons flagship store in Newmarket in August 2010.

Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the fab styles that will be the menu:




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