What’s New at Thick As Thieves?

Thick As Thieves new owner, Tracy Harvey is pleased to announce the formal release of her updated product range. Two new designs have been released, the stunning ‘Dynamic Duo Two Tone’ satchels and the adorable ‘Miniature Satchel’.

The Dynamic Duo Two Tones are a combination of high quality craftsmanship and an eye-catching design. They are available in both the 15 and 13 inch sizes in a variety of striking colour combinations such as Red with Navy, Green with Purple and Black with Brown.

The Thick As Thieves ‘Miniature Satchel’ will have the same features as the larger satchels, including the top handle, magnet fastenings and detachable strap. “It was designed to be the ideal classic, yet casual handbag that can easily fit small essential items.” The 8.5 inch satchel will be available in the classic colour range which includes hues such as black, brown, red, purple and green.

To view the entire ‘Dynamic Duo Two Tone’ and ‘Miniature Satchel’ collection, or to find out more information about Thick As Thieves, visit their website at www.thickasthieves.co.nz.

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