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As some of you may know I had my wee darling, Suzi- Lou, back in January a sister for beautiful Julia who is now five.

Because I had so many amazing pieces for Julia, I’ve had so many friends ask me where to buy children’s clothes but, this time around, I’ve found it really difficult to find things for Suzi -Lou.


Over the past few years things have changed a bit, some of my fave stores and labels have gone into the ether and I found it harder to find items that were kind of pretty and old fashioned.

So, I decided do some research and I discovered so many great labels and brands that I even thought of opening a children’s clothing store for mums like me.

Lou’s Shoes

People are always asking me about children’s fashion. The thing is, it’s not about trends really because they’re only babies and they grow so fast.

But it is about looking gorgeous!

This Mum’s Tips for Dressing Your Kids
1.    Try to combine trendiness with smart value shopping; remember durability is king, and fun is….well, fun is what childhood is about.
2.    Keep It Simple

Pumpkin Patch

3.    Remind yourself of the basics; babies throw up, crawl around the floor and toddlers spend lots of time running, playing and doing all sorts of things that could – horrors- lead to them tearing or staining their clothes.
4.    You don’t have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of purse-friendly options around, but if you’re in the money there are some super special pieces on the market too.

Coco & Ginger

5.    For me, it’s all about colour….joyful brights and pastels are good too. Black is for grownups.

x Lulu

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