It’s appropriate that sparkly, high-heeled and long-nailed showroom Lily & Louis take the last FREE|STYLE spot before Christmas.  Former ad-woman and -man extraordinaire Jacqui Ansin and Jon Ramage (Jacqui’s husband-to-be) take a look back at 2012, no doubt with a glass of champagne in one hand and the latest LG Android in the other…


Stella McCartney Lingerie


Owners:  Jacqui Ansin and Jon Ramage.
Team:   Suzanne Winterflood, Jade Hart, Amy Louise Bailey, Maryam Matti, Felicity Christmas and Jaimee Lupton (our intern).

FREE|STYLE:  Let’s go back:  what was your first event of 2012?
L&L:  The OPI Gel Launch.  We had Joey Brown come down from L.A. – she is the International spokeswoman for OPI. We thought it was crazy doing an 8am breakfast but were pleasantly surprised to have such a good turn out.


OPI’s Joey Brown


F|S:  What labels have you seen come to the showroom this year?
L&L:  We have  loved welcoming OPI, Stella McCartney, Orsini Jewellery, Ketz-ke, 3 Wise Men, Nimue, Moroccanoil and I Love Cosmetics. Broader clients wins were C Coconut Water, Mission Wines, OOB Organic, Blueberries NZ, and Yoplait.

F|S:  How did LILY & LOUIS develop this year?
L&L:  I think we have really grown up. We started Lily & Louis just on three years ago and I think a new business suffers from trying to balance procuring new clients with  creating revenue, and knowing when is the right time to add new staff. We have now invested heavily in good people and I know we have a team of experts in different areas, rather than when we started and there were two of us trying to do everything. We now have dedicated journalists, a strategist, account managers and social media specialists. The new clients that have come in allow us financially to be able to bring these people on board.

F|S:  In your view of the industry, what has changed over 12 months?
L&L:  Social media and bloggers have really bought a new dynamic to the industry. Your message is immediately out there. The negative is, if someone does not like something they can comment and this needs to be managed well.


Quickflix launch:  Jacqui Ansin, Richie McCaw and Martine Buchter-Taylor

F|S:  Name your biggest event of the year…
L&L:  We launched Quickflix into the New Zealand market in March – a huge project that we had been working on for six months. We had a large team dedicated for days, managing all the PR and event-side.

F|S:  And your biggest client news of the year?
L&L:  We approached our client at Orsini Jewellery with the idea of creating a $500,000 diamond shoe in collaboration with Kathryn Wilson.  Sarah was so brilliant to work with and we have had so much coverage all across the world. This week it was brilliant to see the shoe on the cover of Sunday magazine.

F|S:  Share your most nail-biting moment of 2012?
L&L:  We bought the Eco Store building in Freeman's Bay and there was a very fine line between the place being ready and the team moving in. We were racing to get the inside complete. When we painted the outside we completed one whole side of the building and I decided the colour wasn't right. Note to self – paint a larger patch next time.


Michael Meredith for LG


F|S:  What was your last event of 2012?
L&L:  An event for LG where we asked Michael Meredith to create inspirational food for nearly 100 people, set amongst the new LG Door in Door Refrigerators we were launching. Michael bought a lot of interesting and different people together.
F|S:  Never again will LILY & LOUIS…
L&L:  …have their Christmas party the day before their scheduled staff photo. We had to cancel the shoot.

F|S:  LILY & LOUIS can't wait to…
L&L:  …roll out all the 2013 PR plans that we have done. We will be refreshed and ready to start the new year.

F|S:  Under LILY & LOUIS' dream Christmas tree is…
L&L:  A case of VS by Mission Estate Winery, for the team to enjoy on the last day in the office.

F|S:  Three words that sum up LILY & LOUIS' 2012?
L&L:  Dynamic, creative and strategic.

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