As a stylist I put together clothing looks for magazine photo shoots of celebrities and ‘real’ people, television commercials and fashion shows.



I also help people who are nothing to do with magazine stories and television with their wardrobes.

People who feel they need a wardrobe overhaul or help with what’s on trend and what suits them. I love nothing more than seeing these people walk away with confidence and looking fabulous after a styling session.

Overall though, the following tips will give you a head start in the style stakes:

1. It’s not what you wear; it’s the way that you wear it.
It may sound clich√© but it’s true.

2.  Fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth; it’s about being clever. 


You can own this look for under $120 from


3. Use people whose look you admire or magazines and blogs as inspiration.

4. Accessories rock. A statement piece such as a handbag or item of jewellery can take an otherwise inexpensive and understated outfit up several notches.



Poet with Fur bag $420

Saben by Roanne Jacobson


5. Don’t just stick to black. I know it’s easy; and it’s slimming but colour can make eyes, hair and skin tone sing.


Mardee Spring/Summer 12


6. Always, always, always wear the right size. You may wish the label said size 10, but if you’re actually a 12 it will show.

7. Just because it’s in fashion doesn’t mean it’s going to look great on you. You know the rules? But just to reiterate many fashion looks are made for the young,

8. Which brings us to dressing age appropriately. Hugely important. If you’re 20 tight, skinny jeans rock, however if you’re 45 you might want to re-think the short skirt.


Alex Pantsuit by Helen Cherry


Macaroon Camisole and Rocky

Pants By RUBY


9. Style comes in all shapes, ages and sizes. The secret is making the right choices.

10. Fashion is fickle. Forget about that word. Swap it for style.

“Fashion fades, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent.

Lulu x

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