Environmentally focused fashion designer Miranda Brown is turning her talents to raising awareness about the plight of our oceans and endangered marine species.

Her new “Free the Sea” T-shirt campaign will help raise funds for not-for-profit marine organisations and educators who are tackling the problems – some of them close to our own shores.

“New Zealanders have a strong connection with the sea and we’ve got some fantastic people fighting to save our marine life like the endangered Maui dolphins,” says Miranda. “They need our support, and this is one way we can contribute and help spread the message.”

The Free the Sea T-shirt campaign from the Miranda Brown Conscious Cloth fashion label sees Miranda partner with Forest and Bird, Enviroschools and Project Jonah to create a line of funky and fashionable T-shirts for kids, teens and adults.

Miranda Brown artwork for this collection includes 4 designs at $35 for the kids options and $55 for adults.


“Free the Sea started as a title for one of my fashion collections and I’ve always wanted to use it to do something about the ocean environment, which is in a sad state of affairs with overfishing and pollution,” says Miranda.

Disasters like the Rena oil spill in the Bay of Plenty have brought the issues of marine pollution straight to our shores. Miranda says it is time to act now – by working collectively.

“When people buy a Free the Sea T-shirt they are contributing to something positive. People often feel powerless about what’s happening to the marine environment, but with collective small steps we can all help make the planet and its oceans healthier.”

As an environmental artist, Miranda is passionate about using her designs for a good cause, inspiring people to connect with nature through her fashion and art.

“We can support our oceans by supporting our marine organisations who work tirelessly in the field. I want these T-shirts to inspire and empower people to be part of the solution and make conscious choices when buying products.”

Miranda is inviting other not-for-profit organisations to come on board with Free the Sea campaign and to spread the message.

How it works

Free the Sea T-shirts will be sold via www.freethesea.co.nz from the May 10. 2012 until May 31, 2012 and you can find additional information at www.facebook.com/freethesea

You can select size, colour and print design and then nominate what not-for-profit organisation you want your T-shirt purchase to support. Once you’ve paid and checked out $5 from every T-shirt is directed to the not-for-profit organisation of your choice.

You will be kept up to date with footage from Bali taking you through the making process and your T-shirt is delivered to you no later than October 2012 and you can wear your T-shirt with Free the Sea attitude!

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