Once you find a look you like with a certain piece, it’s easy to get into the routine of only wearing it a particular way. Discover how versatile your wardrobe is and get excited over counting the amount of outfits you can create, without buying anything new!

Blouses and shirts are up on my list of the most versatile pieces in a wardrobe. A simple sheer flower spray blouse can be worn with mini skirts, pants, on top of or under maxi dresses or mini dresses, with maxi or midi skirts, or with jeans. Additionally, they can be worn un-tucked and loose, half-tucked in the front, sleeves rolled or pinned up, knotted high under the bust, knotted low at the hips, or worn open over just about anything. Count the number of different looks here. Loads right? This is only the beginning.


Over a maxi dress | Tied over a skirt | Half-tucked at the waist | Un-tucked and loose 


Skirts as tops, dresses as tops, dresses as skirts and skirts as dresses. Yes believe it or not, this is possible and probably easier than you may think. The key here is to structure the garment but adding accessories like belts, and playing with proportions to create a figure-flattering look. Try a body-con or floaty skater skirt tucked in or cinched with a belt. A maxi skirt can often be worn as a dress, with the help of a cardi or belt and tube or babydoll dresses can double as skirts.


Skirt as dress | Dress as skirt | Skirt as dress


This may seem like an easy one but, roll up your pants and knot your skirts. It creates a laid back look and is great if the weather suddenly changes on you when you’re out. Mix up the heels you wear to work by rolling the hems of your pants. Knot a skirt or dress just about anywhere on the garment and secure with a hair tie if needed, you’ll be surprised at how much this easy step can change an outfit’s look! And don’t worry about ruining your clothes; most thick fabrics (cotton, spandex, polyester) will go back to their normal shape after washing.


Mixing up your current wardrobe is one of the simplest ways to create new outfits. If you’re not used to it or aren’t particularly creative (like me) then yes, it will take a little practise. So shut yourself in your bedroom for an hour on the weekend and start experimenting, or use a mannequin is you can get your hands on one.  Layer. Knot. Belt. Cinch. Accessorise. Roll. Pin. Tuck. Embellish. Go hard.

And if there are garments you don’t wear enough or have lost their lustre, don’t chuck them just yet. Wait until Part Three of the Swiss Army Wardrobe and I’ll show you what to do with them!

Sarah Smith | www.therationaldresser.com

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