Floral 50's Dress $49.99-Glassons, Arabella Wedge-Number One Shoes $59.99, Xcesri girl Dainty Earring set $15.99 (available 15 August)-Farmers, Xcesri Quilted Chain Mini X Body Bag $39.99-Farmers















La Mia Bellina Floral Printed Bag $39.99-Farmers, Galena Wedge $49.99-Number One Shoes (arriving October),Xcesri Ancient Baubles Necklace $24.99 (limited stores only)-Farmers,Crochet Trim Dress $59.99-Glassons 



















Ignite Platinum Knit Stripe Dress $49.99-Farmers, Leather Bluebelle $49.99-Number One Shoes, Xcesri Georgia Floral Scarf $39.99-Farmers, Xcesri Hat $39.99-Farmers



















Strappy Raffia Espadrilles $59.99-Glassons, Le Specs Dirty Magic Sunglasses $69.95, Striped Canvas Cross Body Bag $29.99-Glassons, Switch Belted Frill Dress $49.99-Farmers

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