ebonyhsDescribe your personal style.

I wear a lot of stylish but timeless pieces and I’m always keen for an excuse to get dressed up in a pretty dress and heels to go out.

Where do you shop?

Luckily I travel a lot for work so I tend to do a fair bit of my shopping overseas, but in NZ I usually shop in Newmarket or Parnell, Blanc and Storm are a couple of my favourites at the moment.

Who is your favourite New Zealand/Australian designer?

At the moment it’s Anna Schimmel, she’s designing my wedding dress for our wedding later this year. But normally it’s Trelise Cooper or Adrian Hailwood.

What is your current favourite item of clothing?

My jeans – I’ve finally managed to find a pair that fit me perfectly! And also a sample for my Merino Essentials range next year which is a scoop neck ¾ sleeve, I’ve been wearing it with everything.

What is your best buy for Autumn?

A black coat I bought in Paris. It’s the perfect weight for Autumn and I love the lining – which is a dull golden tone with small black dots.

What is your favourite fashion purchase/garment/outfit of all time?

A cute tailored denim jacket, it has gorgeous buttons and a bit of a puff at the top of the sleeve. I bought it a few years ago but still wear it all the time.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?

Following a few trends that really didn’t suit me, you have to know your body shape and its limitations.

If you were invited to attend the Academy Awards, who would you ask to design a dress for you?

It would be such a hard choice! I would have to say either Valentino or Marchesa.

You would rather eat your own shirt than wear…

Anything fluoro, I’ve been seeing it around again and it scares me!

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