Lancôme's GENEFIQUE Youth Activator is formulated to revive gene activity in aging skin and stimulate the production of newly identified 'youth proteins', significantly increasing luminosity, smoothness, suppleness, and tone.

The product is an opaque and serum-like, and is to be applied twice daily, immediately after cleansing.

GENEFIQUE is the fruit of a 10 year research programme that the Lancôme laboratories conducted in collaboration with University laboratories in Paris and Montreal. It was formulated based on two major discoveries:  gene activity slows with aging; and young skin carries two proteins that aging skin does not.

Lancôme tested the formulation on a wide sample of  women of all ages over two months in scientifically controlled conditions, and were able to conclude that regular use of GENEFIQUE stimulates the activity of the genes promoting the production of these proteins, by more than 60%, with visible rejuvenation in just seven days.

The recommended retail price for a 30ml bottle of GENEFIQUE is $190, and application calls for approximately 2-3 drops twice daily.

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