kat-and-gillian-geeWho is your Mum, where does she live and what does she do?

My mum is Gillian Gee and she lives in Sumner, a beachside village in Christchurch. She is a retired primary school teacher, housewife, and alongside my Dad, a director of Spanbuilt Holdings. Her parents are from Holland and the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia ) – making her half Dutch.

What is the most special thing about your Mum, to you?

Her caring nature and her ability to always have time for us kids no matter what!

What is it about your Mum that drives you crazy?

She’s more than often right, and can be brutally honest. If you don’t want to know whether your bum looks big in a skirt, don’t ask my Mum!

What is it about YOU that drives your Mum crazy?

Probably the fact I’m a lot like my Dad!

If your Mum was an outfit, what would she be?

Mum would be a European designer dress bought on sale from a department store, accompanied with practical Italian leather flats, a somewhat extravagant handbag and more than a smattering of diamonds and pearls.



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