5 Natural Sunscreens for Summer Skin Protection

Our five favourite natural sunscreens. Images supplied.

Sunscreen is a summer essential especially here in New Zealand where the sun’s rays can be particularly harsh on your skin. However, we’d prefer to use sunscreens that are more natural so we’re not layering chemicals on our skin to be able to enjoy activities in the sunshine. Mineral-based and organic sunscreens are becoming increasingly popular as more people become aware of how many chemicals are in some of our beauty products and instead seek out natural but effective alternatives. These are our picks for natural sunscreens to protect your skin this summer.

Oasis Sun SPF30 $15.60 (50ml) $31.40 (250ml)
This is a great sunscreen for those with sensitive skin as it contains no parabens, is un-fragranced and suitable for even the smallest members of the family from 6 months old. It’s a cruelty free sunscreen that is suitable for vegans as well. We’ve found Oasis Sun to be non-greasy and quite moisturising although it’s not water resistant so good for lazing on the beach but not for swimming for long periods. This family friendly sunscreen is also made in New Zealand.

Invisible Zinc Face + Body Sunscreen SPF50 $26.90 (75gm)
Invisible Zinc have a great range of sunscreen products but our favourite is the Face + Body sunscreen which is perfect for applying wherever you need it and has a high SPF. It is paraben-free and zinc-oxide based while offering good protection from the sun for your whole family. This sunscreen is light and easy to apply with added moisturising ingredients keeping the skin hydrated.

Brush on Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 $44 (3.4gm)
This handy mineral sunscreen comes in powder form with an applicator brush so you simply brush it on when and where you need it. It’s much less messy than a cream sunscreen for those times you just need to apply sunscreen and go and can be applied either under or over makeup. It’s free from parabens and gentle enough to be used by those with sensitive skin. A great choice to keep in your handbag for summer as it doesn’t leak and is able to be quickly applied with its silky brush.

COOLA Mineral SPF30 Organic Sunscreen Cucumber Matte Finish $54 (50ml)
COOLA offer a brilliant range of natural sunscreens and we like this one for it’s matte finish as well as the fact it’s made from natural and organic ingredients. This is the perfect sunscreen for those with oilier skins as it dries matte but is still hydrating. It’s titanium dioxide and zinc oxide-based and contains organic rose hip oil, evening primrose and organic shea butter to help keep your skin moisturised while protecting it from the sun.

ATZEN Natural Protection Face and Eyes SPF30 $149 (90ml)
We know this ATZEN sunscreen is on the pricey side but it’s a really effective product and a little goes a long way. This sunscreen is zinc oxide-based but it’s not a streaky white sunscreen and as it’s non-comedogenic it won’t block your pores and can be worn with makeup.  This sunscreen offers full broad-spectrum protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. If you’re already an ATZEN fan then this is a perfect sunscreen to complement your skincare routine.

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