20 fun and fashionable things to watch on Netflix

Next in Fashion Netflix

Next in Fashion is on our list of Netflix watches. Image supplied. 

If you’re in need of something fun or stylish to watch there’s lots of choice on Netflix (this isn’t sponsored by them, we’re just fans) and we’ve rounded up our favourite 20 things to watch right now. From addictive reality shows to classic comedies and some truly epic dramas we’re sure you’ll find something you enjoy watching, and maybe your next favourite show.

Reality shows

Next in Fashion
Hosted by designers Tan France and Alexa Chung, Next in Fashion is a new take on the format that made Project Runway such a massive hit with fashion fans. The show sees eighteen designers from all over the world compete in creative design challenges with the winner taking home $250,000 and the change to debut a collection with Net-a-Porter. If you love Project Runway (or Queer Eye) you’ll enjoy this one.

Tiger King
Ok, so this one has rather questionable style but it’s hilarious, bizarre and totally addictive. Joe Exotic is the focus of this doco-series and he’s a sparkly shirt wearing, tiger loving, gun-toting zoo owner with an unfortunate mullet but a huge ego. We won’t give too much away but the story lines in this seven episode series are insane and it’s pretty much impossible not to binge-watch all of it at once. As for style, well if animal print is your thing and you like to complement your outfit with flower crowns then the show’s other star Carole Baskin will become your spirit animal. Definitely a must-watch, the internet is buzzing about this one for good reasons.

Styling Hollywood
Shows about stylists are always fascinating as there’s so much more to the job than most people realise. This show follows celebrity stylist Jason Bolden and his husband, interior designer Adair Curtis while they work with clients through their JSN Studio. Together they give a captivating peek behind the curtain as they work with high-profile celebrities all while engaging in some amusing husband banter complete with a good dose of drama.

No Time for Shame
Follow flamboyant young Argentinian designer Santiago Artemis as he lives life to the fullest while balancing romance, therapy and clients of his clothing brand. This one is subtitled from Spanish (although unfortunately the trailer isn’t) and it’s a bit soapy but still a fun show to watch if you’re interested in watching an emerging designer try and get his designs out there. His outfits are pretty amazing too.

Glow Up
This one is a must-watch for the makeup fans and beauty enthusiasts as it sees ten aspiring makeup artists attempt to prove their potential to industry professionals in this fast-paced competition. Some of the makeup looks are truly incredible and as always with reality tv there’s a good dose of drama too. A great watch if you’re looking for some inspiring (and out there) makeup ideas.


Franca: Chaos and Creation
This beautiful documentary on legendary editor Franca Sozzani was directed by her son Francesco Carrozzini and focuses on her groundbreaking editorials and undeniable influence at the helm of Italian Vogue for nearly three decades. It’s a much-watch for fashion fans and features many big names in the industry discussing Franca’s amazing career. The doco also explores the relationship between Sozzani and Carrozzini as mother and son.

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer
Charting his rise from small town kid to leading fashion designer at the helm of Moschino, this doco also features several of Jeremy Scott’s famous clients and friends. He’s no doubt a talented designer and while his kitsch taste isn’t for everyone his ability to translate pop culture moments into fashion in a playful way is undeniable. Jeremy Scott has long been an advocate for the democratisation of fashion so it’s fitting that the title calls him ‘the people’s designer’. If you love Katy Perry’s or Miley Cyrus’s style you’ll enjoy this.

Miss Americana
Taylor Swift’s recently released documentary is a compelling look behind the scenes at the reinvention of the global superstar as she claims her place as a woman with a voice that wants to be heard. Taylor is refreshingly candid and honest about the pressure on women to look a certain way and discusses her own issues with disordered eating and how she overcame them only recently. This doco is a must watch for Swifties but also for women in general as it’s fascinating to watch a woman finally decide that she doesn’t care what the world thinks of her anymore and refuses to conform to the stereotype of being a ‘good girl’. There’s some pretty great looks in this film too which explores the making of Taylor’s recent music videos and tour.

7 Days Out: Chanel Haute Couture
Prior to the passing of legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld, the 7 Days Out team captured the making of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2018 Haute Couture show with a set inspired by the Versailles gardens. It was one of Lagerfeld’s last shows for Chanel before he passed away in February 2019 and this doco is a fascinating look at the designer’s process and the huge amount of work and attention to detail that goes into putting on one of the most watched haute couture shows of each fashion season. At just 48 minutes it’s also a quick fashion fix for those short on time.

Maddman: The Steve Madden Story
While you’ve no doubt heard of footwear brand Steve Madden, the story of the man behind the brand is a pretty crazy one. The brand had an insane rise and fall starting off from the boot of Steve’s car and later turning into a billion dollar global brand. It all came crashing down thanks to the businesses involvement with conman Jordan Belfort as you may have seen in the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. Both the man and the brand have had a resurrection though with this documentary exploring what makes Steve Madden still a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.


The Politician
This is one seriously stylish drama series and not just because it has the always chic Gwyneth Paltrow in it. Wealthy high school student Payton Hobart is fixated on being school president which is the start of his planned journey to become president of the United States but things definitely don’t go to plan. Much like actual politics, the show is full of treachery, drama and twists you don’t always see coming but there’s also plenty of humour and eye-catching outfits. Worth the binge-watch and there’s a second season coming too.

Phantom Thread
This was Daniel Day Lewis’s final film before he retired as an actor in 2017 and he plays celebrated dress designer Reynolds Woodcock. This slow burn drama is set in the haute couture world of London in the 1950s and sees the life of the fastidious designer upended by young waitress Alma who becomes his muse and then his lover. It’s an interesting exploration of the gender politics at the time as well as a lush costume drama that is beautiful to look at.

There’s no doubt that Jackie Kennedy was a style icon and she is perfectly played by the charismatic Natalie Portman in this biopic that focuses on Jackie’s life around the time of JFK’s death. It’s an intimate portrait of a poised and intelligent woman trying to come to terms with the shock of losing her husband while keeping everything under control including her two small children. The 1960’s fashion in this film is suitably gorgeous and it’s an emotional ride with Portman delivering a stellar performance for which she was nominated for a best actress Oscar.

The Crown
We’ve been avid fans of The Crown since it debuted in 2016 and this lavish drama about the British monarchy doesn’t disappoint. Now three seasons in with a fourth on the way, it’s a fascinating insight into the lives, loves and style of the royal family. While some of it is fictionalised, it’s still highly addictive and has some of the highest production values of any show currently on screen. You will definitely be wooed by some gorgeous vintage fashion and captivated by the based on real life drama that makes for compulsive viewing.

Spanish drama Velvet is a love story between a young seamstress and the young man who is destined to inherit the fashion empire ruled by his father. It’s set in 1950’s Madrid and features some beautiful fashion from the time. The show was a big hit in Europe and ran for four seasons. You can watch all four with English subtitles on Netflix and be swept up in this charming yet dramatic romance. (Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t have subtitles though but you get the idea of the story from it).


The 1980s fashion in this brilliant series about a real life women’s wrestling television show is a real treat. That’s aside from the kick-ass acting and great storylines that allow this fantastic ensemble of women to shine. Even if you don’t like wrestling we’re sure you’ll still like Glow as it’s more about the stories of the women in particular lead character Ruth (played by Alison Brie) who bring the heart as well as the comedy to this great show. There’s three seasons of it to binge too with another on the way.

It’s insane to think Clueless is 25 years old now but this 90’s comedy is still hilarious even if the world has changed a heck of a lot since then. The fashion is this film spawned millions of copycat outfits and the constant outfit changes make it serious eye-candy all the way through. Alicia Silverstone is perfect as pampered high school student Cher who tries to find romance while trying to help those around her find their happy endings too. This modern take on Jane Austen’s Emma has lots of charm and will have you quoting it all over again while wondering if you prefer ‘fashion victim’ or ‘ensembly challenged’.

I Feel Pretty
While the premise for this one is a bit odd the fact that it’s set at a beauty company (and royally takes the mickey out of the high-end ones) and stars Amy Schumer are definite upsides. It also stars fashion legends Lauren Hutton and Naomi Campbell as well as Michelle Williams as the head of the beauty company. We are all for messages of body positivity and there are some good messages in this film including that unlike hard work and intelligence, beauty is only skin deep.

La La Land
One of the most stylish films to grace the silver screen in recent years, La La Land is a beautiful love letter to Los Angeles and a fantastic musical to boot. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling shine as the leads in this charming romance and their chemistry and some clever song and dance numbers make this a great watch from start to finish. A lot of consideration went into the sublime production design in this film with everything from the costumes to the sets and locations lighting up the screen.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls recently arrived on Netflix and this amusing 2004 comedy about girl politics at high school is one of our all-time faves. The mid 2000’s fashion is totally on point and we all know that this film is what inspired all those ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink memes’ not to mention so many catch phrases that we’re still saying 16 years on. If you haven’t watched Mean Girls yet definitely add it to your watch list. ‘Get in loser, we’re going shopping!’

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