16 best fitting Jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe staple but it can be hard to find the right pair that fits well and looks great. While there are lots of different shapes of us there are also quite a few styles of jeans which can make it a bit tricky to figure out which pair is going to work best for you.

Classic straight legged jeans are the easiest for most of us to wear as they’re versatile and do a good job of balancing  your shape especially if you’re curvy. They’re usually a more rigid fit with little to no stretch so a proper fit is key. You want them to sit well around your hips with ideally a mid-rise to high waist, they’re more fitted through the thighs then roomier on the calves which makes them a great option for wearing ankle boots with.

Skinny jeans have been everywhere for many seasons now and aren’t going anywhere just yet, like with straight leg jeans they work for most people but fit is key. If you’re petite or long limbed skinny jeans can be your friend as long as they’re the right length for you. They should rest on the ankle bone if they’re full length, you don’t want them to be too long or short as they can make your legs look a bit disproportionate. Skinnies usually have a decent amount of stretch so opt for ones that fit you closely, a baggier fit doesn’t work so well for this style.

“Mom” jeans are essentially a slightly looser version of straight legged jeans (although they can have a bit of a tapered leg) and usually have a high waist. They’re a more relaxed fit around the bum and work best with a fitted top otherwise you can go for a 90s look and add a classic tee. These jeans have had a renaissance in the past few seasons with the huge influence of 80s and 90s influence on fashion and you can roll up the hems if you really want that retro feel.

Speaking of retro, flared jeans are definitely still around and we love a good pair of flares as they’re flattering on most shapes especially curvy frames. Make sure they’re high waisted to keep the proportions balanced and that they aren’t too wide to overwhelm your legs if you’re more petite. Flares make denim on denim looks that much more fun and the modern versions are a perfect nod to the past while still being of the moment.

We’ve added in jeans that have some playful details or unique washes to add interest to your look too and we hope you find some great inspiration from these denim picks.

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