14 great jeans in every style

Jeans are a wardrobe staple and there’s lots to choose from when it comes to styles, colours and shapes. Currently you’ll find jeans available in several main styles: straight-leg, skinny, cropped, wide-leg, bootcut and flared. A great pair of jeans should fit well around your bum and hips, and allow ease of movement through your legs – most jeans have a reasonable amount of stretch which helps you feel comfortable. High-waisted styles made a return a while ago and work for most bodies but if you’re not keen on styles that graze your belly button you can’t go wrong with the classic mid-rise which is always a winner.

These days there’s also more denim that is environmentally friendly; Levi’s, Kowtow, Maggie Marilyn, Outland Denim and Max are among those offering jeans that are made with less water and more sustainable techniques. With new technology being regularly introduced the future of jeans will likely be an innovative one. In the meantime, we’ve found 14 great pairs of jeans from some of our favourite local brands to inspire your denim choices.

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